It takes me a while, but I get there in the end.

Red Drabble

The light glinted off the bullets as she checked her supplies.  Her silver chain clanked as she wrapped it around her waist.
Sure that she had everything she needed, she bent down and did up the zips on her boots.  She gave one last glance around the cottage, and picked up her cloak.  Fastening the silver clasp at her throat, she pulled the hood around her face.  Glancing at the full moon she stepped into the woods.
The werewolf had eaten the wrong granny.  He had messed with the wrong girl, and now Red was going to make him pay.
2 Responses
  1. Apryl Says:

    fantastic! So glad you finished it. I enjoyed reading it, you should write more!

    .. I still haven't finished my drabble though.. *ahem* I think I need a taskmaster shouting orders at me to get my writing done!

  2. Neddyseagoon Says:

    I love it. Says more about you than the rest of the blog I've rad so far - clever, intriguing, mysterious, ironic and funny.