Ok, so I am a few days behind, but it has been a hectic few days.

Today a fairly simple but huge revelation came to me.  I should have had it ages ago after reading Yes Man, but apparently not.  Anyway.  I should say "Yes" more.

So often I say no.  If I think it through, I generally have no reason to say no.  It may not seem practical all the time etc, but why do we always NEED to be practical???  Why do we always have to do things for a REASON?

New plan.... say Yes more.
5 Responses
  1. Stray Says:

    Oh...Come to Portsmouth for a visit :) :p

  2. Apryl Says:

    ...and Derbyshire! :P

  3. Apryl Says:

    in fact you can take me back with you and I will help you declutter and turf crap out!

  4. Flame Says:


    Friday for Portsmouth.

    Half term hopefully for Derby, but if I can't, then you get on a train and come here, and I will pay half the train fare.