A recipe.

Hmmm.  I tend not to cook much.  I like cooking, but I go with quick and easy most of the time.

Sautéed Chicken With Warm Spices

Heat 4 tbsp peanut (or seasame) oil in a large pan.
Shake salt and pepper on chicken cutlets, then dredge them in flour with 1/2 tsp cayenne.
Saute the chicken, turning once, for about 6 minutes total.
Remove from pan.
Cook 1/2 cup minced onion until soft.
Add 1 tbsp minced fresh ginger, 1/8 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp paprika, 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon and 1 cup chicken stock. 
Cook until reduced.
Add chopped cilantro leaves (have never had any....) and lime juice.
Spoon sauce over chicken.  Serve over rice.

It is very easy, filling, and warm without being hot.

Its quite nice with some sun dried tomatoes in there too.
I'll miss these when they are done!  If people have others they can link me to that would be faaaaaaaaaaaabulous.

A hobby.

Readin.  Is reading a hobby? 


  • noun (pl. hobbies) 1 an activity followed regularly for pleasure. 2 historical a very early type of bicycle propelled by the pressure of the rider’s feet against the ground. 

Yes, reading is a hobby then.

I love reading.  I sit and read shampoo bottles when I am on the loo etc.  I will read pretty much any book anyone hands me.  I have a whole shelf full of books I have borrowed to read (that I haven't glanced at yet).  I have a houseful of my own books - some read, some not.  I read Boy's books when he is foolish enough to leave them where I can pick them up (many a time have we had one book with two bookmarks in it as I have started reading it when he hasn't finished).

I have lists of books I want to read, want to own.

Books are magical.  They take you into this whole different world and let you hide from your own.  You feel so many things.  Feelings and emotions you already know, ones you've never experienced.  You can live life from a completely different angle to normal.  You learn.

I will read on phones, e readers etc, but I like a proper book.  Preferably a paperback - I don't like the weight of hardbacks no matter how pretty they look.  Books, real books, smell.  Just that scent alone can transport you.  The idea of Farenheit 451 where books have been destroyed haunts me.  Ooh or that episode of Now and Again when he dreamt the nanobots had eaten all print - that is a nightmare situation for me too.

Audio books too.  I know technically they aren't reading, but they are great.  You can lay in bed in the dark and be absorbed.  My earliest memories are listening to stories on tapes.  I used to fall asleep listening to Matilda, and Gobbolino, and Mitten the Kitten, The Conceited Red Balloon, Peter Pan.... the list is endless.

I would love to be able to do that.  To write something that other people read.  To bring that escape to other people.
I'm off out to Bournemouth Ink tattoo convention today!!!

I'm excited and looking forward to an outing.  I attempted to give myself pink and red streaked hair, but doing it late at night is a Bad Plan so I now look like I have a dodgy pink dye job.

Oh well.
Neddy was miffed that she missed the quote.  Have a few more to tell me which films they are from.  Oh and a book quote.

"You're a fake and a phoney and I wish I'd never laid eyes on you"

"A car and a train and three nintendos"

"Dog poo, dog poo, lovely lovely dog poo"

"My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die."

"What's wanted is a man with a whip" (book)

"You're my knight in shimmering armour, you shimmer and you shine"

and finally...

"You're out of your tree."  "Its not my tree"
A talent of mine.

Oooh this is hard.  This comes down to the whole self esteem thing doesn't it?  Trying to think of a talent all I can come up with is that I am very good at putting myself down.  That's not the point of this is it?

I can make things.

I am usually lacking in patience or inspiration, but when I do set my mind to it (mainly sewing related, but arts n crafts in general), I normally find it relatively easy and manage what I am achieving.

The patience is an issue though because I tend to finish in a hurry and end up with bits that wouldn't have been wonky etc had I just waited and taken more time.
Oooh another fancy tickler.


I've always liked corsets, then I met Stray and got hooked.  They make you feel strong, feminine, and just generally hot.

It is nothing to do with men, trying to attract them or anything else, it is very much about YOU.
I don't know if this is meant to be MY artwork or something I like.

I am going with something I like.  When I buy the canvas, Boy is painting it for me.


I have no inspiration right now, so I am going to cheat and use one from my livejournal account.

In The Shadows (a winchester v short one... can't remember if it was drabble or just short)

The brothers hide in the shadows, waiting for the right moment, waiting for the movement.

“But I don’t want to do it anymore; I can’t do it anymore.  Life shouldn’t be like this.”

“It’s who we are Sammy.  You know it is.  It’s what Dad wanted, what we were born to do.”

“Why does it always have to be...”

“Shhhh...” interrupts Dean and points.  

The movement they have been waiting for.  They slowly emerge from the shadows and begin to walk towards the door.

Sam sighs resignedly.   

“Why does it always have to be an 80s rock star surname???”
A non-fictional book.

I don't tend to do a great deal of non fiction really. Um.  Oooh Join Me!

Danny Wallace had a relative die. He had set up a commune type place in the 40s to create a utopian society away from bigotry etc.

Danny decided that was a good idea so put an ad in Loot saying simply "Join Me".

People did.

Many people.

The collective (NOT a cult) worked on the principle of being nice to each other, performing random acts of kindness.

Join Me is funny, but it also brings back that faith in humanity that we all need.  The collective is still going strong.  One of these days I will actually take my passport photo and Join.
A fictional book.

I'm not going with my favourite favourite, but ONE of my faves.

Well, the set tbh.  I have very few stand alone books that I love.

Anyway - Robin Hobb: Farseer, Fool etc.  I had done Tolkien, I had done Pratchett, but that was about as far as my fantasy world stretched.  I told Boy that I read anything, he just has to leave it by the loo, so he left that one for me.  I was transported into this amazing world of magic and mystery and prejudice.

I love the way she writes, I love the characters.  The various intertwined love stories with Fitz, Molly, The Fool, Nighteyes etc.  I love Verity with a passion and see him as my ideal man in some ways - so much honour and dedication.

I have read a lot of fantasy since then, but their world is where it all began for me.  The Dragon Keeper books are not as good so far, but they feel like home, so I still love them.
As it stands, it looks like this:

Coyote Ugly
Tea & Choc Bics
Drabble - Red
Music from teens
Movie Drabble
Re-read fave book and write thoughts
100 Things
Sort house/declutter.... work in progress
Go to Portsmouth
Go to Derby

Hmmmm.... not getting on too well with that then am I????

But, I have 3 kids, so hey, gimme time.

My mate has decided I need more exercise to help with my moods, so we are going to do a class together next week.  Not too sure when as she text to say she needs to change the original plan.  I told her about my whole finding me thing and she was all enthusiastic to help.
Another fancy tickler.

I love the sun.  Not in a sun bathing way, just in the way it makes you do that big exhaling "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh".  It makes me all energetic.  Well, as energetic as I get.  It makes me want to DO things.

I wouldn't say I get S.A.D., but I do feel recharged by the sun.  Maybe I'm part plant.
A photo of me taken recently

Oooh a photo of me taken over 10 years ago.

I was about 17 I think....
It takes me a while, but I get there in the end.

Red Drabble

The light glinted off the bullets as she checked her supplies.  Her silver chain clanked as she wrapped it around her waist.
Sure that she had everything she needed, she bent down and did up the zips on her boots.  She gave one last glance around the cottage, and picked up her cloak.  Fastening the silver clasp at her throat, she pulled the hood around her face.  Glancing at the full moon she stepped into the woods.
The werewolf had eaten the wrong granny.  He had messed with the wrong girl, and now Red was going to make him pay.
A photo I took.

I took the others too though.

Hmmm.... let me browse.

It was hard trying to get the angle right for this shot as she was strapped to my chest at the time!  My calm, peaceful little Strawberry.
A photo that makes me angry or sad

Just memories of the day my world fell apart
Is that insane?  Should I be considering it with 3 kids?  But at the same time, I can get various courses for free now.  I have loads more spare time at weekends when I could do it.


I might investigate.

I have always enjoyed studying, it gives me a sense of purpose and makes me feel good about myself.  It stretches my brain.  But will it be another thing I start and then flake out on?  Does that even matter?  To me that is a big failure thing, but what difference does it make to anything if I finish things???
Woohoo - finally caught up!!

A photo that makes me happy.

Probably not something most people would choose!!!

We sat there for several hours one evening carefully cutting out teeny pieces of paper, and gluing them together to make this little fella.  His arms and legs come off like real lego.  He was about 1 1/2 - 2 inches high.  It was a really good evening of laughing, chatting and creating.
Tickling is one of those weird things, it can be good and make you giggle hysterically, and then you suddenly reach that point when it hurts and is just no fun any more.  Always a fine line with the kids knowing when to stop tickling.

So, what does tickle my fancy?

Right now, a nap would tbh. 

I'm buying new bedding.  I know that sounds dull and boring, but I don't buy things like that because we have some, we don't NEED it, so why spend money on it?  But I want more than one set that I love.  I want something for ME.

So there.

It is reserved at Argos and I will collect it in a bit.  I am excited.
Oooh so many quotes, so little time!

I love quotes.

I think today it would have to be "Hey Lazerlips!  Your mamma was a snowblower!!"  (points to anyone who tells me what it is from, bar Suzie who is banned from playing).

It just brings back happy memories of laughing saying it at random points, of a great feel good film, and just generally warm fuzzies.

If you ask me the same question tomorrow I will probably have a completely different quote!
A favourite book.

I read absolutely anything in sight.  I don't have a set genre or anything, but my absolute favourite book is always an easy answer.

It is technically books but never mind.

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman.

I first heard about them in A Level Eng Lit when we had to do a book review on what we'd just read and someone (Tabby to be precise!) spoke about The Subtle Knife.  I liked the idea of it so went shopping.  So many big ideas in there - innocence, sin, heaven, religion, fate etc, but at the heart of it, a love story.  I can't really ever say why it has such an impact on me, but I read it (them) and get completely absorbed.  I sob my heart out at the same places each time.

It makes me feel
Ok, so I am a few days behind, but it has been a hectic few days.

Today a fairly simple but huge revelation came to me.  I should have had it ages ago after reading Yes Man, but apparently not.  Anyway.  I should say "Yes" more.

So often I say no.  If I think it through, I generally have no reason to say no.  It may not seem practical all the time etc, but why do we always NEED to be practical???  Why do we always have to do things for a REASON?

New plan.... say Yes more.
Bloody life.

I got the strands of the drabble as I was dozing off this afternoon, but have now completely lost it.  Should have written it down at the time but my head was pounding and I was desperately trying to sleep before the short ones woke up.

I was going to watch Coyote Ugly tonight, but then got into various phone calls and decided to catch up on Flash Forward (only a week behind now!!!  Channel 5... not US).

Ooooh just spotted "100 things" was on there, so I have done something

I really should get to bed.  Another weekend of driving fun ahead of me.
Again so many to choose from.

Today is favourite TV programme.

As much as my heart leans towards Mr Whedon, it has to be the boys really.



Pretty boys, magic, demons, and....

An angel in a mac!

What's not to love?!!?

I love it for the cheesy music, the one liners, the pseudonyms...  

But then, I also have the issue of as much as I love the Winchesters, if I think about the one tv programme guaranteed to make me smile.... It has to be.....

I'm a Gleek and proud.

How can you not watch things like
this without grinning insanely?!!?

Arse - it is a dodgy video because fox have taken the good ones off youtube
A favourite movie.

Like the songs, I have so many to choose from all for different reasons, but my gut response to that question is always Stand By Me.

For those of you who don't know SBM, it is a "coming of age" film.  4 boys, all different life issues decide to go to find a missing kid they have heard about on the news.  It is their stories along the way about their lives that bond them etc.

I have absolutely no idea why it means so much to me.  It may have been the age that I first saw it (the way that people who love Little Women invariably read it as a young teen, but those of us who read it first as adults say "Eh?").  My love of River Phoenix is part of it too - his end in the film ties in with his real life and it always kicks slightly.

I really know how to sell a film don't I?
I have to write 100 things about myself.  How hard can that be?


1.  I am a bitch
2.  I am a lover
3.  I am a child
4.  I am a mother
5.  I'm going to piss people off if I just write song lyrics
6.  I like song lyrics.  I listen to lyrics much more than the tunes.
7.  I suffer from depression and have done since my late teens
8.  I get antenatal depression during pregnancy (like the normal kind but with added crazy)
9.  I get hyperemesis too
10.  If I love you, I will do anything for you and to protect you
11.  I like making things
12.  I'm not overly good at it
13.  I like singing loudly to songs
14.  One of my closest friends lives in my computer, and I have met her once in 7 years
15.  I like cooking but generally don't bother
16.  I don't know why
17.  I read anything
18.  I am a Minion
19.  I am a Browncoat
20.  I am a geek
21.  I have only recently realised I am a geek
22.  I am a Gleek
23.  Team Jacob
24.  I am a terrible housewife
25.  I tend to think I am a terrible mother
26.  But I try
27.  I have serious self esteem issues
28.  I have debilitating jealousy
29.  I haven't got much in the way of a "style" when it comes to appearance
30.  I envy people who do
31.  Johnny Depp is mine
32.  I can see you sniggering in the corner
33.  I am a pagan
34.  I have a wide range of Red Dwarf facts/knowledge floating round in my head
35.  And Buffy
36.  And Angel
37.  My favourite books are His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman.
38.  My favourite film is Stand By Me
39.  I tend to watch Sci Fi films, but will watch pretty much anything
40.  I support Wales for rugby
41.  I support England for football
42.  My children will do the same (whether they want to or not)
43.  I love showers
44.  I love skittles (sweets)
45.  Laughing with Boy is when I am happiest
46.  Or laughing with the children
47.  Generally laughing really
48.  I watch a lot of tv - mainly sci fi.
49.  I can work and unjam most photocopiers easily
50.  I can tell you which colour tube the fairly standard blood tests will need to go into
51.  I love oreos
52.  I like a nice cold Chenin Blanc
53.  Or a long winded Italian Red that sounds like multopuciano or something
54.  I love straight whiskey
55.  My hair has been many colours over the years including pink, purple, green and blue
56.  I wish I had stomach muscles
57.  I'm too lazy to get them
58.  I like going out to work
59.  I ran my own business
60.  And sold it for real proper money
61.  I have spent nearly 2 years of my life breastfeeding
62.  I once broke my little finger
63.  I had an unfortunate lighter fluid burn after hiding it in my bra
64.  I don't follow football, but if I ever need a team, it is always Arsenal
65.  I love Danny Wallace
66.  And Dave Gorman
67.  I'm good at biology
68.  I'm more intelligent than people tend to realise
69.  I look unnoticable
70.  Apart from my breasts
71.  I love fancy shoes but never have anywhere to wear them and/or the money to buy them
72.  I would love a pet duck
73.  I don't eat ducks
74.  I don't eat cous cous - it feels funny
75.  I fall asleep when my hayfever gets too bad
76.  I like computer games
77.  But have a short attention span so rarely finish them
78.  My daughter scares me because I can never understand how her mind works
79.  I love her dearly though and worry that she will think I don't
80.  I like hanging my washing out
81.  There is a Right Way to do it
82.  I feel incredibly guilty if I say No to people
83.  I have more friends than I realised
84.  Many live in my computer
85.  I'm sleepy
86.  I'm always sleepy
87.  I cry easily.  It isn't a manipulative thing, it is just my body's release
88.  I throw and hit things when I am angry
89.  If I had a super power I would fly
90.  Or pause time so I could sleep/read more
91.  I could be called The Incredible Snooze!
92.  I would love to write a book
93.  I know my writing isn't good enough and I am not motivated enough
94.  I rarely finish things and I hate that about myself
95.  I have size 8 feet
96.  I love it when my nails are painted pretty, but rarely do it anymore
97.  I hate false nails
98.  If I don't hear from someone for a few days I assume they hate me
99.  I love curry
100.  I really fancy pancakes

Hmmm, I don't know how enlightening that was for you.  I enjoyed writing it though.
I'm all fired up about this!

I have 10 things so far (11 if you include 30 days which was sent to me via msn).  So, I did my list!!!

Then I got to cross "List" off my list!

It is all very exciting.

Should I be concerned what it says about me that I am excited by making a list???  I have no idea when I am going to find to DO the stuff on the list.  It is things like this that make me realise how my brain does work in quite a neat and orderly way, even if my house doesn't show it (I am anally neat at work)... I sat there writing the list thinking "Oooh I can write about Coyote Ugly, and drink tea and eat choc whilst watching it, so that is 3 things done in one".
Blatantly swiped from Kitschen Sink, I felt this is in keeping with the idea of the blog.  So, 30 days, 30 things.

Day 01 — A favourite song
Day 02 — A favourite movie
Day 03 — A favourite television program
Day 04 — A favourite book
Day 05 — A favourite quote
Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy
Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 — A photo you took
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 — A fictional book
Day 14 — A non-fictional book
Day 15 — A fanfic
Day 16 — A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 — A talent of yours
Day 20 — A hobby of yours
Day 21 — A recipe
Day 22 — A website
Day 23 — A YouTube video
Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 — Your day, in great detail
Day 26 — Your week, in great detail
Day 27 — This month, in great detail
Day 28 — This year, in great detail
Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

A favourite song.  Oooh so many to choose from, all have different meanings to me, different stages in my life, different people they are connected to.

Its going to have to be James - She's a Star.

When it was out a good friend told me that it was about me, that I could try to hide behind my shadow, but my star would always shine through.  I like the idea that someone saw me like that.

James - She's a star
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

So.  The new Me.

Or the old Me more to the point, but improved with lasers n stuff.

I need inspiration.  I need ways to find Me.  Ways to find self confidence.  So.............. COMMENT.  Don't just read and pass by, read and leave suggestions.  Leave drabble or story prompts to get me writing again, leave suggestions for something to do, anything.  I am in your hands.

Ok, this could be dangerous.  But what the hell, as a general rule I will try anything once.  I am limited by finances, but apart from that I'm good.

Oh, and I don't eat ducks.  Or cous cous because it feels funny.

Will be back in a bit to prettify the blog etc

Gah, prettified (which I love), but now there is some issue with the comments!!!   I have had an email about one, I left one myself, but when I try to SEE them, it says I have none.  {sob}

Yay fixed.  I think.