A favourite movie.

Like the songs, I have so many to choose from all for different reasons, but my gut response to that question is always Stand By Me.

For those of you who don't know SBM, it is a "coming of age" film.  4 boys, all different life issues decide to go to find a missing kid they have heard about on the news.  It is their stories along the way about their lives that bond them etc.

I have absolutely no idea why it means so much to me.  It may have been the age that I first saw it (the way that people who love Little Women invariably read it as a young teen, but those of us who read it first as adults say "Eh?").  My love of River Phoenix is part of it too - his end in the film ties in with his real life and it always kicks slightly.

I really know how to sell a film don't I?
3 Responses
  1. Apryl Says:

    its one of my favourite movies too... I used to adore River Phoenix too... have you read the book? well novella by Stephen King in the book Diffrent Seasons...

    I don't think I ever had the same relationship with pie after that.

  2. Ian Rathbone Says:

    You're going to kill me... I've never watched it!

  3. Flame Says:

    I can add it to the bag of stuff for "Lilo" ;)