A fictional book.

I'm not going with my favourite favourite, but ONE of my faves.

Well, the set tbh.  I have very few stand alone books that I love.

Anyway - Robin Hobb: Farseer, Fool etc.  I had done Tolkien, I had done Pratchett, but that was about as far as my fantasy world stretched.  I told Boy that I read anything, he just has to leave it by the loo, so he left that one for me.  I was transported into this amazing world of magic and mystery and prejudice.

I love the way she writes, I love the characters.  The various intertwined love stories with Fitz, Molly, The Fool, Nighteyes etc.  I love Verity with a passion and see him as my ideal man in some ways - so much honour and dedication.

I have read a lot of fantasy since then, but their world is where it all began for me.  The Dragon Keeper books are not as good so far, but they feel like home, so I still love them.
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