I have to write 100 things about myself.  How hard can that be?


1.  I am a bitch
2.  I am a lover
3.  I am a child
4.  I am a mother
5.  I'm going to piss people off if I just write song lyrics
6.  I like song lyrics.  I listen to lyrics much more than the tunes.
7.  I suffer from depression and have done since my late teens
8.  I get antenatal depression during pregnancy (like the normal kind but with added crazy)
9.  I get hyperemesis too
10.  If I love you, I will do anything for you and to protect you
11.  I like making things
12.  I'm not overly good at it
13.  I like singing loudly to songs
14.  One of my closest friends lives in my computer, and I have met her once in 7 years
15.  I like cooking but generally don't bother
16.  I don't know why
17.  I read anything
18.  I am a Minion
19.  I am a Browncoat
20.  I am a geek
21.  I have only recently realised I am a geek
22.  I am a Gleek
23.  Team Jacob
24.  I am a terrible housewife
25.  I tend to think I am a terrible mother
26.  But I try
27.  I have serious self esteem issues
28.  I have debilitating jealousy
29.  I haven't got much in the way of a "style" when it comes to appearance
30.  I envy people who do
31.  Johnny Depp is mine
32.  I can see you sniggering in the corner
33.  I am a pagan
34.  I have a wide range of Red Dwarf facts/knowledge floating round in my head
35.  And Buffy
36.  And Angel
37.  My favourite books are His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman.
38.  My favourite film is Stand By Me
39.  I tend to watch Sci Fi films, but will watch pretty much anything
40.  I support Wales for rugby
41.  I support England for football
42.  My children will do the same (whether they want to or not)
43.  I love showers
44.  I love skittles (sweets)
45.  Laughing with Boy is when I am happiest
46.  Or laughing with the children
47.  Generally laughing really
48.  I watch a lot of tv - mainly sci fi.
49.  I can work and unjam most photocopiers easily
50.  I can tell you which colour tube the fairly standard blood tests will need to go into
51.  I love oreos
52.  I like a nice cold Chenin Blanc
53.  Or a long winded Italian Red that sounds like multopuciano or something
54.  I love straight whiskey
55.  My hair has been many colours over the years including pink, purple, green and blue
56.  I wish I had stomach muscles
57.  I'm too lazy to get them
58.  I like going out to work
59.  I ran my own business
60.  And sold it for real proper money
61.  I have spent nearly 2 years of my life breastfeeding
62.  I once broke my little finger
63.  I had an unfortunate lighter fluid burn after hiding it in my bra
64.  I don't follow football, but if I ever need a team, it is always Arsenal
65.  I love Danny Wallace
66.  And Dave Gorman
67.  I'm good at biology
68.  I'm more intelligent than people tend to realise
69.  I look unnoticable
70.  Apart from my breasts
71.  I love fancy shoes but never have anywhere to wear them and/or the money to buy them
72.  I would love a pet duck
73.  I don't eat ducks
74.  I don't eat cous cous - it feels funny
75.  I fall asleep when my hayfever gets too bad
76.  I like computer games
77.  But have a short attention span so rarely finish them
78.  My daughter scares me because I can never understand how her mind works
79.  I love her dearly though and worry that she will think I don't
80.  I like hanging my washing out
81.  There is a Right Way to do it
82.  I feel incredibly guilty if I say No to people
83.  I have more friends than I realised
84.  Many live in my computer
85.  I'm sleepy
86.  I'm always sleepy
87.  I cry easily.  It isn't a manipulative thing, it is just my body's release
88.  I throw and hit things when I am angry
89.  If I had a super power I would fly
90.  Or pause time so I could sleep/read more
91.  I could be called The Incredible Snooze!
92.  I would love to write a book
93.  I know my writing isn't good enough and I am not motivated enough
94.  I rarely finish things and I hate that about myself
95.  I have size 8 feet
96.  I love it when my nails are painted pretty, but rarely do it anymore
97.  I hate false nails
98.  If I don't hear from someone for a few days I assume they hate me
99.  I love curry
100.  I really fancy pancakes

Hmmm, I don't know how enlightening that was for you.  I enjoyed writing it though.
3 Responses
  1. Apryl Says:

    I enjoyed reading it.. and it looks like it took you less than three days to find 100 things too.

    Ialways knew I was a geek though.

  2. Stray Says:

    That was cool! I always knew I was a geek too :p

  3. Flame Says:

    I was surprised at how quickly they flowed when I got started