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A hobby.

Readin.  Is reading a hobby? 


  • noun (pl. hobbies) 1 an activity followed regularly for pleasure. 2 historical a very early type of bicycle propelled by the pressure of the rider’s feet against the ground. 

Yes, reading is a hobby then.

I love reading.  I sit and read shampoo bottles when I am on the loo etc.  I will read pretty much any book anyone hands me.  I have a whole shelf full of books I have borrowed to read (that I haven't glanced at yet).  I have a houseful of my own books - some read, some not.  I read Boy's books when he is foolish enough to leave them where I can pick them up (many a time have we had one book with two bookmarks in it as I have started reading it when he hasn't finished).

I have lists of books I want to read, want to own.

Books are magical.  They take you into this whole different world and let you hide from your own.  You feel so many things.  Feelings and emotions you already know, ones you've never experienced.  You can live life from a completely different angle to normal.  You learn.

I will read on phones, e readers etc, but I like a proper book.  Preferably a paperback - I don't like the weight of hardbacks no matter how pretty they look.  Books, real books, smell.  Just that scent alone can transport you.  The idea of Farenheit 451 where books have been destroyed haunts me.  Ooh or that episode of Now and Again when he dreamt the nanobots had eaten all print - that is a nightmare situation for me too.

Audio books too.  I know technically they aren't reading, but they are great.  You can lay in bed in the dark and be absorbed.  My earliest memories are listening to stories on tapes.  I used to fall asleep listening to Matilda, and Gobbolino, and Mitten the Kitten, The Conceited Red Balloon, Peter Pan.... the list is endless.

I would love to be able to do that.  To write something that other people read.  To bring that escape to other people.
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