Oooh so many quotes, so little time!

I love quotes.

I think today it would have to be "Hey Lazerlips!  Your mamma was a snowblower!!"  (points to anyone who tells me what it is from, bar Suzie who is banned from playing).

It just brings back happy memories of laughing saying it at random points, of a great feel good film, and just generally warm fuzzies.

If you ask me the same question tomorrow I will probably have a completely different quote!
4 Responses
  1. Tinyseahorse Says:

    Spoil sport for not letting me play!

  2. Stray Says:

    Has no one got this yet???

    ~sigh~ Short Circuit!

  3. Neddyseagoon Says:

    Can I play? Can I play? I knew the answer - give me a new one. Please please please (begging)

  4. Flame Says:

    Yay you came!