So.  The new Me.

Or the old Me more to the point, but improved with lasers n stuff.

I need inspiration.  I need ways to find Me.  Ways to find self confidence.  So.............. COMMENT.  Don't just read and pass by, read and leave suggestions.  Leave drabble or story prompts to get me writing again, leave suggestions for something to do, anything.  I am in your hands.

Ok, this could be dangerous.  But what the hell, as a general rule I will try anything once.  I am limited by finances, but apart from that I'm good.

Oh, and I don't eat ducks.  Or cous cous because it feels funny.

Will be back in a bit to prettify the blog etc

Gah, prettified (which I love), but now there is some issue with the comments!!!   I have had an email about one, I left one myself, but when I try to SEE them, it says I have none.  {sob}

Yay fixed.  I think.
13 Responses
  1. Tinyseahorse Says:

    I find that watching Coyote Ugly often helps me when I'm feeling down and in need of a boost.

    For some reason it makes me want to try and change myself and gives me more confidence.

    Give it a go!!!!!!

  2. Flame Says:

    Ok, so why isn't this showing me comments? I had an email about one, was told on twitter about another, yet on here I see nothing...

  3. MmeLindt Says:

    I had posted a comment full of interesting and witty ideas on how to find yourself but your blog must have lost it somewhere.

    I am afraid I have forgotten what I wrote so we shall just have to drink tea and eat chocolate while we wait for someone insightful to wander by.

  4. Flame Says:

    Well, I know what you lot are saying via email even if it won't let me see them on here!!!

    I don't own Coyote Ugly {hangs head in shame}, but I should think Alethea does so I shall swipe it. I will drink tea and eat biscuits whilst watching it so that I cover both suggestions :D

  5. Apryl Says:


    1: write a drabble, flash fic, poem whatever with the prompt "Red"

    2: drag out your old music, the crap that you listened to when you were 15 or so, and young and impresionable.. listen to said music and write what thoughts pop into your brain, it can be anything what a specific song ment to you, what memories swim about in your brain when you hear that music.

    3: watch a movie, any movie at all, then write a drabble inspired by whatever mood that movie made you feel.

    4: eat chocolate

    5: re-read a favourite book, or a favourite book from when you were a kid and write down your thoughts.

    6: write a blog post about 100 things about you (I'm working on one now and at about 65 its taking forEVER because I'm not that intresting.)

    will that do for starters?

  6. Flame Says:

    Oooh I can see them all!!! I'm going to be busy....

  7. darling, you maybe hiding under the piles of *stuff* in your house.
    be brutal, clear it out!!!
    set yourself a goal, maybe a room or area of a room a week.
    its your house, make it your space :)

  8. flossie64 Says:

    I do lists of things I want /need to do/ get of my chest.
    It always gives me a sense of worth when I complete something from said lists, even if its not a physical something. IYSWIM.
    Also if you have a day where you need to stop ,do. Tomorrow is another day, and as long as you get going again then having a day out is not the end of the world.
    Take care, you are there just not quite awake to it yet. xxx

  9. Flame Says:

    Lol took me a minute to work out who Mabel was :D

    I might make a proper list and stick it on the wall so I have something to cross off.

  10. Stray Says:

    OOOOHHH It looks so pretty!! I like :D

  11. the yum cheesecake didnt give me away?????

  12. Flame Says:

    It was in my email :p

  13. Flowerpot Says:

    Love the background! :) xxx