There is a possibility that my washing might dry today ~gasp~

(Stray has me on ~ instead of } for a change)

The Dwarf is back to normal, so huzzah!  It has been a weird unsettled few days.  Don't know what is going on with Boy's mum and I am worried, plus this long without a full night off from the children is starting to send me a leeeeeeetle bit insane, and yes, I know - many people don't get nights off from their children and I am lucky, but meh, how other people's lives work don't actually make my feelings about experiencing mine any different.  What is big in my world doesn't become magically less big in my world just because someone else has bigger stuff going on.  Does that make sense? 

Plus I appear to have been brainwashed into tolerating phone calls, and I may possibly have noticed the lack of them.

But anyway, got to have good normal chatting last night, the kids got up nicely today, and the phone call situation should be finished soon too, so all is good.  I have even done more housework. 

Must go get sorted to do the pinwheel pizzas ready for when their programme finishes and they start beating each other again.

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