Turns out I am less of a moody bitch when I eat more!  Raided the children's dinner when I was cooking it, and went from all Rargh about dishes and squabbling etc to calm and peaceful.

So.... arsey = feed me.  If that doesn't work, then you have just actually pissed me off and it is your own fault.

Much squabbling with kids today.  I think we are all a bit meh.  Not done a great deal with them during the holidays and I am feeling a smidge guilty about it.  I need to attack the Dude's room in the morning so that Strawb's cot fits in there tomorrow night, but I think I need to take them out somewhere in the afternoon.  No idea where.  I really need to get better at taking them OUT just me.  I seem to need other adult company.  I really am not cut out to do this whole earth mother thing, which is weird as it is all I ever particularly wanted to do.

Great evening with Maz gossiping and generally catching up.  We hadn't realised that it had been since the end of April that we last saw each other.  She has now been educated on the wonders of Repo.  We need to sort some sort of Repo fancy dress event, it would be awesome.

Now curled up with drink and crisps before I go to bed and get some sleep, hopefully with less weirdy dreams than last night!
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