When I started this blog I was totally lost. I had no idea who or what I was anymore, and had realised that I hadn't known for a very long time.

I did some of the stuff on the original list. At some point I intend to go back and do more. I fell apart a bit, and a lot, and have gradually put the pieces back together.

As time went on I became more "me". I got the confidence to do what I wanted rather than just what I felt others wanted me to do. I gradually started feeling alive again.

I now have more confidence than probably I ever have. I appear to have acquired a social life whilst I have been missing ever since finishing college.

I am insanely tired most of the time, but stupidly happy so I don't care. :-)

Currently curled up with a strong latte, teaching my baby girl to say Daredevil "Dardellil". If I stay awake this evening I plan to take a look at the drabble prompts for the first time in a lifetime. I miss writing!
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