I started this blog when I was trying to find myself, and at a time when I had a lot of deeply personal things happening in my life that my world was consumed by it.  But previously, I used my blog for just my general ramblings about my life and world.  Occasionally deep and meaningful, but mainly just me.

Reading through someone else's blog today, I realised just how much I miss that, I miss being able to just pointlessly chatter, and I miss it being open.  So, what with actually being fairly sure who I am now, and liking her, I think I am going to adapt this blog so it is just my basic chatter.  I feel sure I will throw in drabble and stuff too.

Having a few anger management issues with the Dude again at the moment.  We've had a chat and he is meant to be coming to me for hugs when he feels is building up, but I know how hard it is for him.  I have an explosive temper, and struggle to control it still myself, and that is with understanding it.  A five year old must just feel so helpless with it.

I've been doing this scary cleaning thing again today.  Stray's kitchen is possessed or something.  It is spreading too.  I found myself doing it in MY HOUSE.  {whimper}

Now on a nice comfy evening having had a bath, and now curling up with crappy tv and fooooooooooooood.
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