I swear singing is better than any anti.depressant on the market. Putting kids to bed, putting in earphones and bouncing round singing at the top of my lungs always makes me really happy! Ok an ipod on mix sometimes throws up "meaningful" song orders but just roll with it. Sometimes random really IS just random.
3 Responses
  1. Apryl Says:

    music always makes me happy... or helps me work through the things that are stuck in my head. I hate listening to sad/depressing music though because it always makes me feel worse.

    sometimes you just have to listen to Doctor Horrible and things seem so much better... I really must download some Glee tracks because that show always leaves me smiling like and idiot.

  2. Flowerpot Says:

    I totally agree with the whole singing thing. When Shiv lost her husband she was round at my house almost every morning & we'd go on singstar like nutters until she was able to face the day. Her motto is 'you can't be sad if you're singing' It works....Ipod, Singstar, listening to the radio...in my car I am a true rock goddess!

  3. Staci Says:

    You can release any emotion thru the magic of song.