When I got a text asking me advice on phone choices, it sank in.  I have crossed the line from understanding geek, to closet geek, to finally just Geek.

Tonight I managed to convince the xbox to start streaming from my laptop again.

I am embracing writing me, creative me, shoe me... I really should embrace geek me more. 

{wanders off to level up before bed}
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  1. Stray Says:

    Hurray for the Geek :)

  2. Apryl Says:

    geeks are the best people in the world. especially Goddess Geeks!

  3. Smudge202 Says:

    I've unfortunately taken that step further from self-confessed geek, to a geek that is a geek to geeks that are a geek to normal people...

    (Poor recital of a review for Eve Online: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation)

    Anyway, huzzah for geeks. Our numbers are swelling!

  4. Flame Says:

    where am I looking on that site!?!

    Is it weird that I always saw you as "Knows computers" rather than "Geek"?

  5. Smudge202 Says:

    I wouldn't say weird, nice seems more appropriate. Now to convince everyone else I know to adopt that phrasing... including me.

    I do (did) tanks too, that's way more interesting!

    You've always been the lovely bookworm to me. The only things I read, other than your blogs of course, tend to be tech updates/blogs - but that's more to keep ahead of my peers at work than for "enjoyment".

    I always did like the Dune series, maybe I should have a look on Amazon...

  6. Smudge202 Says:

    Oh, that site - I wouldn't bother watching the Eve one unless you know anything about the game (or your desperate to find out what on earth the geek sentence I was trying to recite, was supposed to be)

    *Wanders off to check*

    "The nerds who are to nerds what nerds are to normal people"

    (I was miles off)

    I'd highly recommend you have a scan over the various reviews he does, find at least one game you have some form of experience with, and watch it. Best game reviewer I've come across, VERY funny. =)

  7. Flame Says:

    Tanks do sound cool :D

    Never really realised bookwormery came across at Barclays. You should try the whole reading thing though. It is just a case of finding a genre really. Boy never read anything until he discovered discworld, and then it went on to other various fantasy type things. Pretty much work out what you like in a game/film and go from there.

    Will have a look at the reviews a bit later.

  8. Smudge202 Says:

    Let me know how you get/got on with the reviews. I think they're ace, but I imagine many wouldn't.

    I recall stopping by your place when we were at Barclays, think you stayed in Boscombe? Only a vague memory, but I think its where I picked up on the hobby.

    I've actually picked up a book - though by "pick up", I mean my girly got me a book from the library. Its a McNOBb book, but good so far because it's basically a collection of interviews from a varierty of soldiers that have served a tour of Herrick. Some interesting reads, plus a sense of humour and comradery I miss sometimes.

    Tanks... they really are cool. Powerful, clever, and just mean. Apart from a few friends, the tanks are the only other thing I miss of the army. Challenger 2 (the big ones) specifically, though I served on a few others too, mostly as the gunner though I think I was pretty handy with the engine - logically minded so if you understand how the engine and systems work to an extent, you can form educated guesses on what's wrong with a vehicle, far beyond the comprehension the army intend to teach a tank trooper. Like everything I guess - don't ask what, ask how.

  9. Flame Says:

    The night of much much vodka!!!!! I was just pregnant with Bronwyn then. Thought I had a week long hangover which turned out to be morning sickness.

  10. Smudge202 Says:

    Much much vodka you say, probably explains why my memory of it is so hazy. I wouldn't have known I had ever been to your place before you asked how I knew about the bookwormery - had to rack my brain for that.

    Hope it was a good night? Though probably not good enough to explain your extended hang over...