Hair cut day!

Its not been cut since just before Princess's wedding (beginning of Sept).  I'm getting it cut and colourful.  I have no idea what - as long as I don't look like Mrs McClusky, and don't have to use hair straighteners for it to look right, then I am pretty much happy for her to do what she likes.


(Oh I've not forgotten the journal prompt btw - just got a bit distracted with house sorting, book, ANTM {shame} and {cough} WoW)
8 Responses
  1. Apryl Says:

    there better be pictures!

  2. Smudge202 Says:

    ...and less WoW. Eve is for real men.

  3. Flame Says:

    Ok... you recall the breasts, and the pregnancy right? That means I don't have to play silly games like Eve and can stick at being a character with a crappy name.

  4. Smudge202 Says:

    Eve allows for characters and crappy names, it even allows for breasts.

    No idea why I'm trying to sell Eve, I haven't played it for over a year - a 5 year Eve addiction nearly ended my 6 year relationship, despite how amazingly tolerant my better half is.

    Now I have to play normal games that have endings. How 'geek' is it to miss a game though? An average game I'll complete it be bored of in 1-15 days, all in all I played Eve for thousands and would happily still play it now if I were single.

    Oh yes, the point to this... being part of the Eve cult for so long has instilled a deep loathing of WoW, to the extent I've killed many an Eve player who used WoW terminology (calling a complex a dungeon, or calling manufacturing something like crafting).

    Eve - populated by nerds and soldiers
    WoW - populated by geeks and whiny smelly immature little ****s


  5. Flame Says:

    I've always been more elves n stuff than space.

    Don't say it is geek to miss a game. I still miss Ultima and that was pre kids. That makes me more geekishly geek than I realised.

  6. Smudge202 Says:


    Heard of it but definitely didn't play it.

    I've got no problem with Elves and mystical things, in the same way I have no particular preference to futuristic sci-fi; with the exception of the technology involved.

    Oblivion... spent a long time playing that. Spent a fair amount of time on the Might & Magic series too, though didn't play the early games much, and the latest one or two are awful, but the ones in the middle were good.

    Well, the post prior to this one said you should embrace your inner geek, think I've been of service there. =)

    Should you want to further your geek-hood, you know where I am.

  7. Flowerpot Says:

    I have to say I'm not a WoWie either. I got to level 6 or something but it really didn't do it for me. The reason I haven't played
    Eve is: it's not pretty enough & all looks a bit technical really. I like having a char I can dress up, a big hammer of smiting helps too... I just don't think I could relate to a spacecraft in quite the same way. I'm not a geek I just like playing MMOs :)

  8. Smudge202 Says:

    Mmm, there was a few times whilst playing Eve I wished I had a big hammer of smiting too!

    The complexity of Eve was what kept me there for so long, I was a 'Head Master' at an academy for a long tieme, teaching new players how to fight. Once they could fight sufficiently (which took several months of tuition) they were allowed to move onto a sister corporation that my friend run, composed of highly experienced players.

    Geek, I know. But I loved that the game had such an incredible level of depth. After 5 years playing, I was learning new things about the game everyday.

    The level of depth and commitment meant I never crossed paths with the immature players I can't stand (like yank 6yo's that kick your ass on COD4 or something).

    That was what made me play the game, not how it looked, or because it was about space craft. It could have just as well been WoW if that offered the same level of gameplay.