Always been a bit missing {snurk}

I went shopping today.  I have fabulous purple wedges which are a couple of inches smidge higher than they looked in the shop, but meh, I will learn to walk in them because they look fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I was asked what I bought and announced "Royal purple open toe sling back wedges" (they look paler in the pic).  I have no idea when I became a girl who could describe shoes like that.  The love of shoes has been a gradual process.

But love it is.

I don't often wear the ones I love due to walking like bambi and/or having to chase small children, but shoes are like corsets for me.  They make me feel feminine and powerful and ME.  It doesn't have to be shoes though, a pair of new rock boots would make me feel all strong and rargh.  Flip flops make me feel all calm and laid back.

Ironically, as soon as I can, shoes come off and I am bare foot if at all possible (as is demonstrated by my constantly filthy feet regardless of how many baths I have).

I love these

Just as much as these

or these

4 Responses
  1. Stray Says:

    Ooooh I still don't get the whole shoe thing but I LOVE those New Rocks! :)

  2. Flowerpot Says:

    I get the shoe thing completely, I've had it for years! I collect them & don't wear them, they live under my bed & sometimes I take them out, look at them, smile & say 'ahhhhhh' :)

  3. Flame Says:

    I am considering selling my soul for those New Rocks. Found them when I was googling for images last night. The flames!!!

  4. Stray Says:

    I have those New Rocks but mine don't have the flame on them and the zip is broken :(

    I feel so...normal without them!