My day in detail.

Oooh where to begin.  Friday was LONG.

I will start with morning rather than past midnight iyswim.

Strawberry woke around 6.30am, her temp was lower (but still not down properly) following a fever the night before.  She alternated between feeding and grinning at me, gurgling for the next hour.  The Dude and B woke at about 7.30am and we all went downstairs.

Some of us may have dozed off a little on the sofa.

Internet was still not co-operating so I checked a few things on my phone {worries what phone bill will be like}.

Fed small children (toast and a smoothie thing for the tiny one).  Went to get dressed and clean, came down to "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum Emrys has had the eggs again!".

He had cracked six into a bowl.  He then poured them down the sink as he was worried I would be cross.  Was more cross at wasting the bloody eggs - would've scrambled them or something.

Went to smother Strawb in suncream following fears I'd boiled her on Thursday.  Returned to kitchen to find Dude (who had been playing outside) covering a puddle of squash with the step, and closing the freezer for the ice lolly he had made himself.

Yelled a bit.

Took both the big two to suncream and dress them and marched them to the car.  No, I had no idea where we were going other than "out".  In the gap with getting dressed they hit and kicked each other.  I dared to leave the room to get the nappy bag sorted and Dude bit B because she wouldn't let him play with the baby.

Gave the "The baby is not a toy" speech.  Again.

Took them to a car wash.  All were fascinated by the brushes.

Text Mum to see if she was about.

Took them to the bank (I know how to spoil kids).

Was on the way to get petrol when I got a text from a friend asking if we fancied meeting her for coffee.  Many road works later we arrived in Boscombe.

Had a lovely lunch (BRT and latte) and chat, then went to buy purple dye (Unfortunate Incident with banana and baby clothes... she is having some purple tie dye going on now) and new washing line props (yes, the Dude...).

Tried to track down mum but she was out again.

Went to drop off some bits to Man and Lisa, and had a quick drink and a chat there.  Then headed over to Psycho's for a bit.

Gathered her children up from the community fete and headed to the shop for wine and biscuits.  Returned to meet her at her place, and went to have biscuits and coffee in the garden.  I am no longer allowed biscuits in the house as I can't be trusted with crumbs.

Let kids play for a while.  Strawb was well loved and entertained by all. 

More chat, a visit and a small glass of wine with Sue too.

Then headed over to see Linz for a bit.

Decided with Mum we'd give up and meet on Sunday.

Quick phone call with Boy.

Lots more chat whilst children played together, played with hose, played with Dingo.

Finally headed home with a fresh bottle of wine (having left the original at Psycho's) and three exhausted children.

Got the short ones into bed, and put on ipod.  Poured a glass of wine.

Sat and text a few people, checked out emails.

Danced round downstairs (was 9.15pm by now) for an hour doing dishes, general tidying.

After an hour collapsed in a heap.  As much was done as was going to get done.  Checked a few more emails (phone free by this time), posted to blog about the wonders of singing, and ran a bath.

Washed, read book, generally relaxed for half an hour or so, then crawled into bed.  Planned to read but ended up just falling asleep.

A busy but good day.
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